Wisconsin Fly Fishing for Trout

Fly fishing for trout in Wisconsin

Brown Trout

The freestone trout streams of northern Wisconsin offers many fly fishing opportunities to catch wild brown, brook and rainbow trout while immersed in beautiful forest scenery. There is something truly special about wading in the iron-colored northern rivers surrounded by tall majestic pines, deep blue skies and watching deer, eagles and other forest creatures in their natural setting.

Just seeing the tailing swirls or circular rings left by feeding trout makes me forget about all the worldy matters and turns my focus towards one of nature's finest jewels - wild trout. Time passes quickly as I place my wit and knowledge gained from past fly fishing experiences against the trout's natural instincts. Whether I win or loose doesn't really matter because I still have gained much from my brief encounters with one of God's wonderful little creatures. Each of these precious moments are etched forever in my mind and give me wonderful memories of the trout and my fly fishing friends, which I always will cherish.

Wisconsin Fly Fishing for Trout

Wisconsin is blessed with over 13,000 miles of beautiful trout streams that have prolific mayfly, stonefly and caddis hatches which create great opportunities for fly fishing for brook, rainbow and brown trout throughout the trout season. The state also offers a variety of stream types to fly fish, from the driftless area spring creeks in Southwest Wisconsin to the freestone streams of central and northen Wisconsin, as well as the Great Lake tributaries for steelhead and salmon fishing. Most of the content for this website is based on my many years of fly fishing for trout in Northern Wisconsin. Although, much of the information will also apply to any of the trout streams in Wisconsin.

Check out the new website section dedicated to Wisconsin's legendary trout fly patterns that originated here in Wisconsin - Click here for Wisconsin Fly Patterns.

Northern Wisconsin freestone trout streams, such as the Bois Brule and Namekagon River have an abundance of mayfly, stonefly, caddisflies and other aquatic insects that hatch throughout the Wisconsin trout fishing season. If you are not familiar with the various mayfly species and when they hatch see the Wisconsin Mayfly Hatch Chart for more detailed information about the various mayfly hatches. For the Wisconsin trout fishing regulations see: Wisconsin Inland Trout fishing regulations 2016-2017.

fly fishing for Wisconsin brown trout

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