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Bob Wagner's Professor Fly Pattern

No doubt any regal fly pattern tied royal coachman style with peacock herl and red floss or silk combined with a down wing has to be good. The fly pattern is called the "Professor" and was originally created by Bob Wagner and avid fly tyer and fly fisherman from the Elk Creek, Wisconsin area. The fly rides lower in the film than a trude style pattern and has proven its effectiveness from the Wisconsin driftless spring creeks to the Western mountain streams.

Bob sent to me a short note about the pattern along with a couple of the flies: I first fished the fly on a Weber of Stevens Point 7-1/2 foot bamboo rod, called the Professor that was refinished by Bob Summers. First fish on this rod was an 18" brown trout in the driftless with this fly. So I named the fly pattern after the rod.

Bob Wagner's Professor Fly Pattern
tied by Bob Wagner

Thread: Pink
Hook: Mustad 94840 or equivalent, size #14 & #16
Tail: Moose body hair
Body: Peacock herl and red silk in the middle
Down Wing: Elk hair
Hackle: Brown hackle (very sparse)

Note: Al Troth style stacked and flaired elk hair wing tied over the body after the hackle is added.

Comments sent to me by snorider from the Classic Fly Rod Forum: This fly was in the top three flies I used this year, the first one I tied I gave to my son and he caught a 14" grayling, 16" rainbow and a dozen little cutthroat out of the same pool with it! After that I tied a half dozen and they worked very well. I now tie it with coastal deer hair, red silk (makes the fly noticeably more effective) and black thread. Very good pattern as an attractor on spring creeks, it lands lighter and floats lower than a Trude and spooks less fish. This summer it fooled a 23" spring creek rainbow that had refused 3 different mayfly patterns and an x-caddis; took the Professor on the first drift.

Bob Wagner's Professor fly pattern

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