Craig Mathews Yellowstone Fly Fishing & Fly Patterns

Craig Mathews Yellowstone Fly Fishing & Fly Patterns

I have really enjoyed reading Craig Mathews and John Juracek’s fly-fishing books and watching Craig’s fly tying videos. Although the books are about fly-fishing the Yellowstone area, his fly-fishing strategies and fly patterns work just as well on trout streams in the Upper Midwest. If you can find these fly-fishing books, they are worth reading and will definitely improve your success.

Craig Mathews and John Juracek have a no-nonsense approach to fly tying and their patterns are extremely effective, yet simple to tie. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced fly fisherman you can learn a lot from Craig’s and John’s Yellowstone fly fishing books.

The four fly fishing books I am referring to are:

  • Western Fly-Fishing Strategies by Craig Mathews
  • Fly Patterns of Yellowstone (vol. 2) by Craig Mathews and John Juracek
  • Fishing Yellowstone Hatches by Craig Mathews and John Juracek
  • The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide by Craig Mathews and Clayton Molinero

Craig Mathews also has several outstanding “how-to” YouTube videos demonstrating tying some of his fly patterns. His patterns should be in every fly fisherman’s fly box.

Mathews tying the X Caddis fly pattern videos

Mathews tying the Iris Caddis fly pattern video

Mathews tying the Sparkle Dun fly patterns videos

Mathews tying Baetis patterns

Mathews tying Midge fly patterns videos

Below is a recent interview with Craig Mathews by Nelson Ishiyama

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