Aquatic Insect Studies for Northern Wisconsin Trout Streams

Aquatic Insect Studies for Northern Wisconsin Trout Streams

Northern Wisconsin has had very few aquatic insect studies conducted in either the lotic or lentic ecosystems within our trout streams. This page is to list past aquatic insect studies I have found that are available to download as PDF files from online reliable sources.

I have focused on the studies that pertain to benthos in the aquatic insect orders of Plecoptera (stoneflies), Tricoptera (caddisflies) and Ephemeroptera (mayflies). There are a few studies that pertain to other families of aquatic insects there are not listed.

Aquatic insects of the Pine-Popple River, Wisconsin
Authors: Hilsenhoff, William LeRoy, 1929-

Aquatic Insects of Wisconsin
Author: William Hilsenhoff

Mayfly Larvae of Wisconsin
Author: Tom H. Klubertanz

Aquatic insects of the Bois Brule River system, Wisconsin
Author: Robert B. DuBois

I am including chapter 11 (the aquatic insect section) of the ebook provided by Michigan Tech. It is a wonderful resource because of the aquatic insect photos and since Michigan is a neighboring state with much of the same biotic areas as found in Wisconsin.

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