About The Bug Blog

About The Bug Blog

The Bug Blog is based off my 45+ years fly fishing across northern Wisconsin and spending countless hours learning about the aquatic insects the trout feed on. The blog is strictly my own insights and speculations with no sponsors or outside paid influence. The only external influences come from some of the wonderful fly fishing books I have enjoyed reading over the years.

Ephemerella invaria mayfly dun

Being analytical by nature I have always enjoyed exploring the underwater world to better understand the aquatic insects’ lifecycle and habitats they live in. It also has given me a better appreciation for our precious ooldwater resources that we often take for granted.

Over the years the knowledge I have gained observing and studying the aquatic insects has also had a considerable influence on my fly tying. At times there may be blog posts that include my fly tying thoughts to better imitate a specific stage of an aquatic insect.

Lastly, I have always felt truly fortunate for the many days I have had over the years wading Wisconsin’s wonderful trout streams. I hope my bug blog and website will help others to appreciate our coldwater rivers and the amazing creatures that live in them.