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Hank's Creation Fly Pattern

Hank's Creaton is well-known by some northwest Wisconsin fly fishermen as a legendary night time fly pattern for catching the biggest trout on the famous Bois Brule River. I just recently discovered this Wisconsin legendary fly pattern on Steve Therrien's fly fishing blog. Steve gives credit to Hank Denney, a grocer in Brule, who developed Hank's Creation for night fishing the Brule.

I am not going into a long discussion on how to tie Hank's Creation because Steve's blog does a wonderful job describing how to tie Hank's Creation along with some fun night fishing stories using the legendary big trout killer pattern on the Brule River. (Actually, I have no clue how to tie it. LOL!) To read Steve's blog article go here: Hank's Creation.

Hank's Creation Fly Pattern
tied by Steve Therrien

Hook: Mustad 33903 #2 or large
Thread: Heavy Thread
Body Materials: #2 (or larger) Slotted tapered cork, deer hair, red calf tail, red bucktail, white bucktail and 3 gray mallard flank feathers
Plus, some silver paint, red and black paint too.

On Steve's blog post about Hank's Creation he describes the steps to make this butt-ugly fly pattern that is so irrestible to big trout at night on the Brule River.

For dedicated dry fly fishermen to save embarrassment, I would hide Hank's Creation deep inside your fly vest and only pull the fly out after dark so your fly fishing buddies can't see what the heck you are using. :-)

Hanks Creation fly pattern

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