Trout Stream Ecosystem Issues

Trout stream ecosystem issues causing declining aquatic insect populations

Livestock allowed in Trout Stream
cows standing in torut stream

Allowing cows and other livestock to roam freely in our streams and rivers can destroy the aquatic ecosystem. Livestock allowed to wander along the stream banks eventually destroy the raparian zone, causing animal feces and organic sediments to pollute the streams.

Use of Neonic Pesticides
spraying farm field with pesticides

Neonic pesticides (Neonicotinoids) are widely used insecticides in crop protection. They have been linked to adverse ecological effects including the decline of our aquatic insects as well as bees. The widespread use of neonicotinoids is contaminating both our soil and water, as well as many produce foods we eat everyday.

Sediments from Runoff & Floods
sediment runoff entering trout stream

Organic sediments entering our coldwater trout streams eventually cover the benthic zone where aquatic macroinvertebrate larvae live. Fertilizers used on farm fields and residential properties may runoff during rainstorms into our streams causing algae blooms.